Jan. 18th, 2017

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I downloaded this journal, which gives cvs files will all the journal entries for a single month. Downloaded them by hand is really fast, but then I started peaking at the largest file per year. Which led me to the month [livejournal.com profile] maestrateresa died, which lead me into three years where my life changed dramatically, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Interesting reading, for me, at least.

One thing I'd like to do with my csv files it to try to do some NLP* processing on it, to see if I can figure out things like how positive/negative the entries were, and what topics I wrote about the most (probably not Chaz. no, really.), that kind of thing. If I come up with anything interesting I'll post it somewhere so other people can run it on their own journals.

I've also trimmed my journal somewhat. The people I removed were people who hadn't posted for years. If I took you off my list and you're still reading here, I'll add you back. About half of my list are still people who post regularly, most of them writers, so that's OK. I don't know how many are on dw.

*Natural Language Processing


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