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Raluca renounced her birthright as a princess in a dramatic fashion, by leaping off a balcony and shapeshifting into her dragon form, to fly off (with her dragon hoard of jewels) to a new life where she gets to call the shots. But she still has the skills, and standards, drilled into her since childhood. She loves fine clothes, fine food, and gracious manners.

Nick renounced his old gang and his life of crime while at the same time renouncing ties to his wolf pack, only to recognize that Protection, Inc., a bodyguard business made up entirely of shapeshifters and their mates, is his new pack. He still carries his rough habits form his old life: the leather jacket, the tattoos, the f-bombs.

When Raluca comes to Protection, Inc., seeking a bodyguard to keep her safe from an assassin, she meets Nick, and when the two meet each others' gaze, they realize they have met their mates. Now how can two such complete opposites, each convinced the other despises them yet also deeply in love - and lust, find a way to work together to keep the assassin at bay? So much is at stake with this one.

I love the Protection, Inc. series. What you get is what's on the cover: a love story, with lots of action, between strong and interesting characters. Each member of Protection, Inc., gets their own book, so you get a chance to find out what makes each member tick, so the background characters are just as interesting as the main ones. But the love - and lust - stories are strong, fast-paced, and involve shape shifters. What's not to love?
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