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BayCon is a local convention held the last weekend in May (Memorial Day) in Santa Clara, California, though it used to be held, for years, in San Jose. It's a good local science fiction convention, though Fanime and Steampunk Alchemy are both held the same weekend, so the attendance is skewed toward the older, less costume-oriented fan.

The guests are David Weber and Ursula Vernon, among others. My schedule is:

1. Surveillance and the End of Privacy on Sunday at 11:30 AM in Bayshore
[I am moderating.]
(with David Friedman, Dario Ciriello, Griffin Barber)

Between government surveillance of citizens and ubiquitous cameras, is privacy a lost cause? What can you do to preserve your privacy?

2. Comics are weird! on Monday at 10:00 AM in San Tomas
(with Jason Malcolm Stewart, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Randy Smith (M), Tory Parker)

A discussion of comics including the abuses comic writers have been accused of since their inception.

3. Comic Book Villains 2.0 on Monday at 11:30 AM in Napa III
[I am moderating.]
(with Jason Malcolm Stewart, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Tory Parker)

It used to be that a super villain attempted world domination through global destruction. Now they run for elected office. How have comic book villains changed since the Golden Age? Is this a reflection of society or simply maturation of the media?
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I realize I'm falling short in providing a new photo of a cat, but instead I have something a little meatier (and no, I don't mean a photo of Barry). BayCon is held every year on Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend of May), and I'll be on the following panels. Come see me (and the other cool people on the panels). I'll be moderating the Self-Promotion and Publicity panel, and I'm interested in seeing what the panelists will say in answer to my questions.

Fairy Tales and Mythology on Saturday at 2:00 PM in Winchester
(with Juliette Wade, Jenna M. Pitman (M), Irene Radford, Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Beth Barany)

What are we teaching our children about the fairy tales and mythology in today's media, or even as bedtime stories? Are we staying true, or drifting?

Self-Promotion and Publicity for Writers on Saturday at 4:00 PM in Lafayette
(with Lex Parisi, Tony N. Todaro, Bob Brown, Beth Barany, Karen Williams(M))

So you've figured out this whole writing thing and your work is finally out there. Wouldn't it be great if people actually bought it? Just because the publisher bought your book doesn't mean they're going to publicize it. Learn the whys and hows of self-promotion from the experts.

Evolution of Female Characters on Sunday at 4:00 PM in Lafayette
(with Jenna M. Pitman (M), Karen Sandler, Ingrid Paulson, Lynn Ward)

From damsels in distress to sword-wielding, gun-toting, and military masterminds, have women found their place, or are they 'feminized' men? Do the women truly reflect changing attitudes about the roles of women?


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