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Mac is trying very hard to be helpful to Chaz in the kitchen. Why? Because Chaz is spatchcocking a turkey, for John's second Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. Right now Mac is desperately eyeing the spine of the bird lying glistening on the counter (just the tip is sticking over the edge, though I asked Chaz to move it so Mac isn't quite so tormented). Why is the spine there, you ask? That's what spatchcockers do (what did you think it meant, you perv?) -- remove the spine so you can roast the carcass flat. We'll have an interesting meal this afternoon.

To add to Mac's interesting day, a damp dark cold day following a night with water dripping in our rain gutters, a day with all the windows hard to see out of because of all the raindrops decorating the screens, I got very tired of him acting up (attacking Barry, knocking a glass off the dining room table). So I took him outside to see why the world was odd. Into the rain.

I take him outside occasionally, when I'm in a hurry and don't want to fight with him. I tuck him under my arm to go over to the clubhouse to talk to my husband, and more notably yesterday scooping him up when I went outside in my bathrobe to yell at the gardener who was using a leafblower in our backyard before nine in the morning on Saturday. I usually set him down outside, while holding him securely, so he can sniff the grass. Today, I made sure to set him down, in a puddle on the patio, and in the mulch under the orange tree, and in the damp grass in the yard. There weren't too many raindrops but everything else was wet. I think he got the idea.


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