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Asparagus always meant steaming it, then salt and pepper and butter. Not anymore. Thanks to having a copy of "How to Eat" (a present at Christmas, from you'll never guess who), tonight for dinner I had roast asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. With fresh strawberries and cream for dessert. And wine. There had to be wine. Mmmmm.


Jan. 13th, 2011 10:35 pm
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Chaz got me a cookbook for Christmas. It looks like it has some interesting recipes in it, even if I have to do metric conversions to get the right amount of the ingredients. Yesterday I got my vegetable box, and tonight I tried one of the recipes. It's similar to what I did before, with cooking green beans and chards with bacon, only this time it was kale (with some red chard) in bacon, plus almonds. (The recipe called for chestnuts, but, well, California....) I liked it a lot, though the greens smelled alarmingly like the alfalfa I fed to Max (my horse). I also bought a roasted chicken so I can use its carcass to make stock. I'll see how that goes.
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My CSA box has had a lot of potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips, that kind of thing, and I've asked my cooking friends what to do with them. Roast them, check. I did that, and they were yummy, but I still keep getting beets, carrots, turnips, etc. So now what? "Soup" my friends say, with kind of a "d'uh" implied, but it's been very warm here the last couple of weeks. Definitely not soup weather. This weekend, though, it got chilly and wet, with our first real rain of winter. It's now soup weather here, but comes the second problem, which is that I've never made soup before.

But that's why God invented the internets, so I googled for beets and carrots and got a beet-and-carrot soup recipe that looked possible. Right now I'm waiting for the beets and carrots to roast, then I'm supposed to puree them (that should be interesting, since I have so nice mechanical tool to do that with) and add them to chicken stock (I always have a couple of cans of Campbell's, because I also have no idea how to make my own stock), then magically I'll have soup. I hope it's good.


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