Oct. 14th, 2013 02:30 pm
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Several years ago I finally found out what was wrong with my back, which let me get started on Weight Watchers (because I could exercise as well as diet). This led to me losing close to 70 pounds, though I've gained back most of it in the last couple of years. (MS diagnosis -> slowly losing mobility -> eating to feel better -> getting much fatter)

My husband cooks for me. He's a fabulous cook. He makes our bread, he makes our bacon, he grows our vegetables. I don't try to figure out the WW points for what he cooks, because I'm too lazy and, well, because the number would be high. However, I'm trying to follow Dr. Terry Wahl's diet to reduce MS symptoms, and it appears to be working, along with the exercising and medications I'm taking. Plus, I love all the vegetables and fruits.

Still, today I drove to McDonald's to grab a Big Mac meal for lunch. Note that I didn't use a walker at all, though that was just to walk to the car and back. I had a craving for fast food, and I ate it, but tomorrow for lunch I'll be in SF and can grab a fantastic kale salad from The Plant Cafe.

This has been an interesting time for me, regarding food. I need to pay more attention to weight management, but Chaz has been great at helping me eat well, both healthily and satisfactorily. This is an interesting time.


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