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I rested today and used my walker (because I had to, which is its own suckiness), but this evening I took a long, slow ride on my bike. I made sure to do full stride pedaling, if that's a thing, where I try to use the entire length of my leg. I could feel my knee responding to it, and this evening I can walk around a few steps at a time without my walker. The muscles around my knee are still very weak, though, but they are responding. We'll see how they are tomorrow.

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate that. Bones has started up again this season, and **spoiler alert**
**spoiler** the character Hodges, who was paralyzed at the end of the last season, finds out he is actually permanently paralyzed. He doesn't respond well to this, and I found myself agreeing with so many of what he was complaining about. Most of it is the inconvenience (having to go around to an out-of-the-way ramp instead of taking the stairs) or the embarrassment (having to take a public, noisy lift, like the one I need to use to get myself and my walker onto Caltrain), but one thing I didn't agree with was his hostility towards his co-workers and his wife. Yes, it sucks for him, but it sucks for them, too, plus I think it's worse having to watch someone else go through something that it is to do it yourself. OK, not really. But I get that. They're trying to help him, and he's being a dick. Don't be a dick.
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So last night Chaz was having trouble sleeping, so he was up reading in the living room until very late while I was sleeping. Mac appreciated having a human awake, so he sang his enjoyment around the house a couple of times. About the time Chaz got to sleep I got up to use the bathroom. My left knee (the one I had surgery on years ago) hurt worse than usual, and I had trouble walking to the bathroom. I decided to stay up a little bit myself and see if the pain would lessen (helped by Ibuprofen and Baclofen). Once my knee felt better (and I'd killed off a few WoW creatures) I headed back to bed. And fell over after two steps.

Yup, my left knee has decided that walking on it is just not happening. Chaz brought my walker inside, and I need it for any step that involves my left leg. I can drive just fine, but the left knee is really wobbly, and the muscles around it just not able to support me. I think this is much more knee than MS, though the MS I'm sure is piling right on. I'm standing and stretching periodically at my desk, and I think it will be fine fairly soon, but still. We had to miss a friend's 50th birthday party today, which disappoints me quite a bit. Fortunately we don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow, so I can continue to rest and stretch. But damn, I want a body that works.


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