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I used to hang out at the Pocatello Public Library when I was a kid, because it was an entire building filled with books, and nice people who not only encouraged me to read these books, but also suggested books I might like to read. One day, when I was in the ninth grade (about age fourteen), I met Marty Welch, one of the nice people who had just started working there. Instead of working with all the books, Marty had his own room downstairs, a room filled with equipment of some sort.

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When I was a teenager I wanted to write scripts for television when I grew up. When I was having my midlife crisis, I dabbled at the thought of trying it again, but [livejournal.com profile] kathlaw talked me out of it. In the meantime, here is the first movie my best friend Tracey and I did together. We had just taken the public library's class on using the video camera (black and white, reel to reel) and video editing to make movies, when our English teacher assigned our class to do a project. What a great time to make a movie, we thought. The class was a Western literature class, meaning we read Westerns, and we'd had a lesson on the biggest cliches in Westerns. This movie has all of them. (The title is one we couldn't figure out how to dramatize.)

I give you The Cavalry Comes Over the Hill.


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