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I was thinking about Kath on Thursday, as I recently asked LinkedIn to remove her from my contacts list. I was very upset by her suicide, and wish there were something I could have done. I was musing about this on the way to Weight Watchers, and then started to think about exercise, goals, and why I wasn't doing enough, when a serendipitous radio ad came on. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding a fundraising walk on July 22 in San Francisco. The Out of the Darkness Overnight is a 20-mile walk from dusk to dawn, to shed light on suicide. I'm going to do it.

Once their registration page is fixed and I can register, I'll let you know more about it. I need to raise at least $1000 to walk, though my personal goal is $2000. If any of you feel moved to sponsor me, I'd appreciate it, but I'd also appreciate moral support. I'll need it. Twenty miles up and down hills is currently impossible for me, though I plan to use their 22-week training guide religiously.

Along with Kath, my uncle Cecil Davis and my great-grandfather Claude Olive succeeded in their suicides, and my mother came very, very close. I've been in that darkness several times in the past, and intend to climb out every time in the future, but others are not blessed with my stubbornness. I hope I can help them.


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