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To add injury to insult (at least for Dymphna), I kicked my turtle last night. Four times.

I might have been depressed at bedtime last night. My bedside light was on, but I stayed up killing demons on WoW for a while. I think that may have tricked Dymphna into thinking morning had come (or something. Her head is the size of a walnut. Her brain is smaller.), because when I got up to use the bathroom a couple of hours later, I kicked her side as I walked past the end of the bed in the dark. Coming back, trying to be careful, I kicked her again. This happened twice more in the night, until finally I got up again, found her by touch, and slid her *under* the bed.

Today Dymphna is walking around slowly and cautiously, as if something large may appear out of nowhere to kick her. Which is kind of how I feel today, too.
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Or, to be proper, farewell, G'Quon, which was the Narn spelling of his name. He was named that because his shell looked like a Narn head.

G'Kwan had become too mean in the last couple of years. He spent most of his time hiding in wait for Dymphna. The moment she'd appear he'd be on her (literally). She would do the turtle equivalent of screaming and running when she saw him. This summer she spent mostly hiding out herself.

I was talking to a technician at my vet this week, and I had a brainstorm. I go to that vet because they treat turtles, and everyone there I've taken the turtles to has known how to handle them, without scaring the turtles or doing anything difficult (for them) at all. I told the tech about G'Kwan and that I'd like a new home for him, and why. She put up a notice internally, and within an hour I got a call from another technician who already has a tortoise and would like another one.

I just took G'Kwan to her, and I like her quite a bit. She seems to know her turtles and tortoises. I told her what little there is to know about taking care of him, and she got all of it. I gave her the spare water dish, since it's the right size for him to relax in. I think she and G'Kwan and her other tortoise are going to get along just fine. Dymphna may start relaxing and getting out and about soon, too.

I can't seem to see the screen very well. It's all gone blurry.
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Mac and Dymphna both appreciate a warm afternoon. Later this week the temperature is supposed to really climb. Chaz is looking forward to it, but I'm not, and I bet the boys won't be thrilled. The turtles may have a dance party.

The mousie and the tiger tail are Mac's triumphs. He kills them regularly and leaves them for us as gifts. Then he warbles about his victory...just before dawn.

Mac and Dymphna with Mac's triumphs
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Poor Dymphna does in fact run away whenever she sees G'Kwan, who sits in wait of any sight of her. He at least has started fighting the turtle he sees reflected in the reflective surface of the garbage can instead of fighting her, but I think the damage is done. She wants nothing to do with him, and I don't blame her.

G'Kwan and Dymphna

He's biting at her head so that she will open the back of her shell. For obvious reasons.
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Chaz said he'd found G'Kwan in the mudroom this morning. (Which is down two steps.)

"Did you see Dymphna. Because G'Kwan isn't adventurous (smart) enough to go by himself.'

No, he hadn't, and the boys had finished breakfast. But then I saw the boys headed with purpose back to the mudroom. Dymphna wanted her breakfast, too. (I hear her crunching on red peppers as I type, at her food plate in the kitchen. Where G'Kwan is not.)

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When I went into the bathroom this morning to take my shower, G'Kwan was in there in front of the garbage can. Our garbage cans are metal, and have mirrored surfaces. Male turtles, before they mate, fight with other males, and the winner gets to mate with the female. You see where this is going.

During my shower, I heard repeated thumps. When I was drying myself afterwards, I was treated to a show of male turtle fighting behavior. Other times I've seen him rush the garbage can and strike is with the front of his shell, his head tucked back in for safety, but today he was rushing the other turtle and striking with his closed beak. (Turtles don't have mouths per se, or lips.) I guess it must be working, because he kept on doing that until I got out of the shower. He then wanted out of the room, just like the boys (the boy cats), so I let him out.

An interesting thing about this bitter fight is that, except from the shell thumping, it's entirely silent. When Mac or Barry attacks a mousie, they don't growl or hiss, I suspect because for smaller prey they don't need to scare them and they don't want to alert them. Afterwards, though, from Mac at least, there is victory warbling. The turtles may hiss when we step too near them, but G'Kwan never makes a noise when he's fighting.

Another thing turtles do before they fight is release any extra weight they may be carrying, so I had a quick cleanup of discarded liquids on the floor.

Right now G'Kwan is perched alertly under the sideboard in living room, right next to the door into the kitchen. I'm sure he's waiting for Dymphna to come get her lunch.
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People have asked me whether the boys pester the turtles. Hardly. Dymphna resembles a tank, in that once she starts moving she tends not to stop, no matter what's in her way. This morning she started walking towards Mac, who was lying down in the hallway. In alarm and confusion, he fled, and took shelter in a box. Where he stayed all morning, keeping an eye out for her. Silly boy.

Mac hiding from Dymphna in a box
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It's been hot here. You'd think someone who wore a fur coat would look for shade.

Mac and Dymphna in the sun
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I hadn't seen Dymphna around and about for a while, though I had seen G'Kwan, so I sought her out by virtue of reaching under my bedside table and pulling her out. Then I was worried. She had closed herself up tight in her shell, and had sunk down inside herself, from what I could see between the edges of her shell. I put her down in her water dish. She hissed, so I knew she was alive. I let her be, and a while later I heard the clanking as she climbed out of the bowl. When I checked again she was eating, and when I went to bed she had eaten most of the food, and had gone into a corner to be alone. I'm going to keep a closer eye on her. It's been so warm all summer there's no reason for her to hibernate.

Mac, our tabby, is quite a different creature. Unlike Barry, Mac likes to investigate (some might say "get his nose into") everything, yet his humans continue to foil these crucial investigations. Like today, when I wouldn't let him attack the paper as it came out of the printer. Later, I wouldn't let him climb into the stationery cabinet. There might be something dangerous (or edible) in there. When Mac is thwarted he likes to climb high places and knock things off shelves. Telling him "no" just makes him angrier. When he leapt up onto a bookshelf and started eying a nearby set of objects I did the only sensible thing: I called both boys into the back room and gave them Pounce treats and petted them. Once again, bribery saved the day. Macy's ta Mac's tail made it clear he wasn't happy, but he didn't knock anything off the shelves. Today.
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I am at work. Chaz is...

at our house.
with our boys.

I like the sound of that.

The boys are very happy to have him here, too. They're still affectionate with me, too, even more so than before. Barry even sat in my lap last night for a few minutes. I strongly suspect that they have translated "Chaz is here" into "we will get two breakfasts and two teas", but if so they will be sadly disappointed.

I'm not sure if G'Kwan and Dymphna have registered his arrival.
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So far this morning, in the half an hour they've been let into the main house, the boys have

1. Tried to eat the last urviving bouquet from my bridal shower (Mac)
2. Tried to jump onto the windowsill in the living room , only to discover there isn't one (Barry)
3. Been banned from my study for jumping on my computer keypad (Mac), probably because he was confused by the rocks*

The boys seem to be in search of a patch of sunshine, but given the time of day and the angle of the house, that's hard.

*Dymphna was in my study because yesterday I brought her in to make sure she was eating and drinking. She appears to have spent the night, possibly because she was too scared after seeing the boys to go back to the bedroom. G'Kwan has since found her. I may have to set up a Bingenage In my study.
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The rock, however, didn't move, so Mac jumped out and went away.
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When I woke up this morning Dymphna was sunning herself on the floor under the window in our bedroom, and G'Kwan was pestering her for sex. From my observations over the next half hour or so, she said no, then moved away, then said no, etc. Finally I picked him up and put him in my study. A while later I heard this repeated crashing sound coming from the kitchen, and realized he'd gone to fight the strange turtle that lives in the reflective surface of the garbage can. (He always stops when I get close, so I can't get video.) This is good news, since male turtles fight before sex, and the winner gets the girl. With only two turtles, I think G'Kwan has been trying to fight Dymphna, who will have none of him. It will be interesting to see if this improves relations between them.
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When I got up this morning I found Dymphna on the stair down from the kitchen into the laundry room. Lying on her back. She'd been there a while, as she'd peed while she was lying there. I got her picked up, and she spent the rest of the day wandering around the house, keeping an eye on me as I picked things up and tidied. Then while I was putting clean sheets on the bed, I felt my foot hit a solid object just under the bed, and she squealed. Poor Dymphna. I don't know where she's gotten to now, either.
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So there I am, sitting on the couch, literally in the middle of giving myself a shot, when I realize that G'Kwan is not only sitting on top of Dymphna (whom he had recently chased across the living room, for the obvious nefarious purpose), but Dymphna has closed her shell enough to trap his feet while walking, I suppose she thinks it's away from him. I picked them both up and got her to let him go, then put them in different rooms. I feel like I've trapped Dymphna in a house with a rapist, but she takes care of herself very well.
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When I came home from work today I opened my front door, which opens onto the living room. I heard a thump, and a scrape, as I pushed open the door. I was confused, because I didn't leave anything in front of the door when I left this morning, and no one else is staying here right now. I opened the door just wide enough to squeeze through, and sure enough, there was Dymphna, lying on her side, leaning against the open door. She appeared to be fine, and in fact after her initial hide came out again to wander around. Right now she's sitting on the heating vent. (It's gotten colder here.)
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We all know what G'Kwan has been up to. Dymphna, however...well, I'm worried about her. Ever since her experience in the laundry room she's been hiding out. This evening I went looking for her and finally found her in the first place I looked, back next to my bedside table. The reason I didn't see her the first time, though, is that she was over in the corner where the bookcase meets the wall, so I had to go well into the room to see her. She's hiding. Since just a few days ago she was boldly walking all over the house all the time, I think her experience with exploring has scared her. I think she'll get over it eventually, but it's too bad.
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Apparently, if you are a turtle (named G'Kwan) it is necessary to pee all over the floor before fighting yourself in the reflection on the garbage can.

(I think he didn't pee so much as release his reserve bladder, which turtles do as part of their fight/flight response to make them lighter.)
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You know, turtles. Creatures that can't climb down stairs. This evening I heard G'Kwan in the kitchen fighting himself against my mirrored garbage can, but later I didn't see or hear either turtle. The laundry room used to be part of the garage, and is reached down two stairs from the kitchen. You see where this is going, don't you? I was getting ready for bed when I remembered that I had seen one of my gardening shoes, which I keep near the back door, knocked from its usual place, but I figured that was from the cleaners yesterday. Still, I looked all over the house and found no turtles, so I went into the laundry room, crawled under the sink, and shined a flashlight behind the washing machine. G'Kwan had trapped Dymphna back there. She might have been there since yesterday, in fact, since she hadn't knocked anything except the shoe so I wouldn't have heard her. Anyway, I grabbed both of them and brought them into (different parts of) the main house. Dymphna promptly peed on the living room floor, where I stepped on it trying to find it to clean it up. (Blond wood, clear pee. Joy.) Right now Dymphna is munching on some vegetables behind me. I don't know where G'Kwan is, but I'm feeling horribly guilty for not paying closer attention.
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It's a lot warmer these days, so I've been keeping the door between my kitchen and laundry room open. (The laundry room and back bedroom aren't heated.) There are two stairs heading down into the laundry room, so I figured the turtles would be smart enough to avoid them. Nope. I went in there to put a load in the machine, and who was there, trying to hide behind some tools? (Come on. You didn't think it would be G'Kwan.)

It gave me a chance to pick her up, give her a bath to get rid of the rest of the mud, and check her out. No sign of eggs, so if she had them before, she's laid them. I wondered why she was still wandering around so much, and it occurred to me that she must be extra hungry, so I checked their food dish. Empty. I put out some more food, cabbage this time. We'll see what she does next.


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