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Mac is helping with the presents:

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[livejournal.com profile] madrobins made the best cake topper ever:

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I was so very happy to see so many friends at our wedding, all dressed up and looking fabulous. I don't remember much of the ceremony, though I hear there's a video. When I stepped out and saw all those people that I love there for us I started crying, and don't remember much except that we plighted our troth to each other. And the rings are gorgeous.

I was amazed at just how stunning everyone looked. The dresses and waistcoats were fabulous. Chaz is already talking about his next waistcoat, and how we must go to another party soon so he can wear his coat again.

The food was just amazing, and the wedding cakes beautiful *and* delicious. I have never eaten so little at a wedding (it's true that the bride doesn't get to eat much) or enjoyed it so much. I recommend Compass Star Catering to everyone, and [livejournal.com profile] madrobins did above and beyond work on the (two! different kinds!) cakes. Thank you both.

We both loved have Congress of Vienna danced around us. I wish I could move better, and Chaz doesn't know how to waltz, so dancing it ourselves was out of the question. You all waltzed so beautifully. Thank you.

We're home now, tired and happy, and commenting from time to time on how odd it is to be wearing such beautiful rings.
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Apparently neither Bed, Bath, and Beyond nor Sur la Table are capable of processing UK credit cards, so we have started an Amazon.com wish list. Sigh. This is so weird. It helps that I'm drinking a very nice wine right now. But if you're interested, check us out. There are some cool things there. And thanks.
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Today [livejournal.com profile] acanthusleaf and I went to the open house tour at the Rengstorff House, which we're thinking of renting for our wedding. It was stunning and gorgeous, and had great spaces. There's a patio that would be perfect for having the ceremony, with a lawn for guests. (The patio has little side leaves so anyone in a wheelchair could see.) A docent led the tour, and she told me to call the office during the week to ask about pricing and availability, which I'll do.
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I was deadheading some roses a little while ago, and my neighbors invited me over for a barbecue. One of their stepmothers is planning a wedding for her daughter, so we had a great discussion of weddings and wedding planning. She recommended Freedom Hall in Santa Clara for the reception, but also suggested the Del Monte building in Sunnyvale. She also mentioned things like engagement announcements, and it occurred to me that I should probably look into that. Hmmm....
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Since most of Chaz's friends live in the UK, we're going to have a UK wedding reception as well as the US one. His house is way too small for that kind of thing, and we may have sold it by that point, anyway. Thus, a castle. Wouldn't it be cool to have a wedding reception in a castle? Anyone have any suggestions for an affordable one, that rents out its hall for parties?

ETA: Ah. It should be near Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is in the northeast of England, about twenty miles from Edinburgh and near Durham Cathedral.


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