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It's been a month since Xerox laid me off (Xerox is splitting into two companies, which means layoffs, which means getting rid of the newest hires -- me), and I've been looking for better exercise. I haven't done yoga in many months. Our regular yoga nights have devolved, since the people who actually did yoga with me stopped coming, and now it's a very fun night of friends and food. But, no yoga. Our trip to England, particularly at Mancunicon (British Eastercon) involved lots of walking around between panels and out to dinner, which really stretched and strengthened my legs, but I have all these other muscles that need stretching and strengthening. Who knew?

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lifeofglamour's example, I've started doing yoga workouts on YouTube, in particular Yoga Camp with Adriene. She's very good at explaining the poses, and is slowly bringing me back up to where I was a few months ago, only this time I'm learning better ways of standing and using my hands/wrists in the poses. And today, Barry joined me on the yoga mat.

The cleaners came yesterday, and in the course of cleaning they (or Chaz) took out the empty boxes from the living room. Also, all the nice newspapers and couch pillows are off the floor. Where is a boy expected to curl up for a nap? So when I set out my yoga mat, Barry had found his spot. He was very good. He settled in to a relaxing pose and maintained it. He changed positions when nudged gently (so I could do a new pose). He breathed in and out regularly. What a great yoga partner. I've left him in a gentle relaxing pose on the mat, to complete his practice. He's adorable.


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